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On the Stress Field of a Nonlinear Elastic Solid Torus with a Toroidal Inclusion

In this paper we analyze the stress field of a solid torus made of an incompressible isotropic solid with a toroidal inclusion that is concentric with the solid torus and has a uniform distribution of pure dilatational finite eigenstrains. We use a perturbation analysis and calculate the residual stresses to the first order in the thinness ratio (the ratio of the radius of the generating circle and the overall radius of the solid torus). In particular, we show that the stress field inside the inclusion is not uniform.

eshelby inclusion - primer to started wanted

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Hi everybody,
for understanding some cae tools for short fiber composites, i need to get started on
the eshelby inclusion problem. Reading the paper from 1957, it appears well written.
However without any background, it is difficult.
I wonder if there are any light explainations to the problem freely available on the
web. Or some free course work for this topic could be useful.
Any link would be really apprecihated. Thanks,

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Effect of interface


I am simulating failure of concrete in tension and compression on a concrete representative element volume. I have modeled mortar matrix and aggregate (inclusion) separately i.e my model consists of two material and assumed them as perfectly bonded. My question is, if I add interface zone between matrix and inclusion how will it effect my overall failre or can I neglect inerface.

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