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explicit dynamics

Output getting stuck

Hello Abaqus members, 
I am doing an explicit simulation of a simple fork and fiber system. The parts have a node to node connectivity. The fork is subjected to a sinusoidal load, and I am interested in the displacement at the tip of fiber. 

Influence of Penalty stiffness factor on simulation results

The default value of penalty stiffness scale factor in Ansys-Lsdyna  is 0.1, when one varies this value, he/she obtains different results, the question, how can one  know the right value of penalty stiffness scale factor?


I am simulating the impact of a 6mm - diameter steel solid ball with a rigid falt surface using Ansys-Lsdyna. the speed of the ball at the impact moment  is low (from 1 to 10 m/s). specificly, i am intersted in the period between  just touching and  just leaving the ground for the first impact.

Need some examples/solved problems in Abaqus related to surface friction dynamic analysis

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Hello dear friends,

First of all, I would like to thank you for this useful forum/site.

I want to introduce myself, as I am new user of this forum/site. My name is Ahmet B. Turkoglu, from Istanbul/Turkey. I am a master student in Mech. Eng. Faculty.

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Energy conservation in nonlinear finite element explicit dynamics

I am writing to ask about the state of the art in finite element simulation using nonlinear elasticity and explicit dynamics.

Consider, for instance, a 3-d simulation of a hyperelastic beam that's fixed on one end, then  twisted about its long axis by 360 degrees and released. If we apply no friction or viscosity, the sum of kinetic plus potential energy should remain constant as the material springs back and oscillates.

Which FEM codes do the best at conserving KE+PE for a simulation of this type?  If you drop the time step, can you get energy conservation to many significant figures, as one can with, for instance, molecular dynamics simulation? 

I'm curious because I've recently written my own 3-d nonlinear explicit dynamics code that provides very high precision energy conservation, and I'm wondering if it's any better or worse than the nonlinear explicit dynamics codes already available.

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