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critical time-step

Output getting stuck

Hello Abaqus members, 
I am doing an explicit simulation of a simple fork and fiber system. The parts have a node to node connectivity. The fork is subjected to a sinusoidal load, and I am interested in the displacement at the tip of fiber. 

explicit analysis critical time-step Ansys


 I am trying to solve a simple cantilever beam (2D)  in ansys.

I wish to find out the critical time-step that can be used to explicitly solve a transient problem. 


I started with modal analysis to determine the maximum natural frequency of the model. I then computed dt < 2/Wmax.

I use this dt with beta = 0.0 and gamma = 0.25 (Newmark parameters). However the solution is unstable.

I am including my apdl script with this post.

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