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Prony series with temperature dependent stiffness

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I have implemented a viscoelastic model (Simo/Hughes approach: Prony series for small strain)

in Abaqus using Umat and it works fine for dynamic isothermal simulations (I validated with the Prony series implemented in Abaqus).

Now, I want to consider thermal loads (I have temperature dependent stiffnesses from a DMA experiment).

How should I use these temperature dependent stiffnesses in the model?

Modeling of Viscoelasticity with Hypoelasticity constitutive equations

Hi all,

I'm trying to model high temperature viscoelasticity using hypoelastic constitutive equations. I'm not sure of how to include the rotation tensor in the generalized viscoelastic equation.

kindly advise me.

Thank you very much.

Finite Element Analysis of Thermo-Viscoelastic Problem



I am trying to develop a finite element code to capture the residual stresses during the cooling of a viscoelastic body.

Can anyone suggest references or papers that address the finite element formulation of a thermoviscoelastic problem? I have found a couple of papers, but they do not seem to directly apply to what I want.




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