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Fluid flow

Yield stress fluid flows

A Virtual Special Issue of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics devoted to yield stress fluid flows has just been released. With this first Virtual Special Issue of the journal we inaugurate a practice, which we plan to make regular, of highlighting developments on a particular subject of relevance in order to guide and encourage research in the field.

ADINA Electromagnetics

We have recently added the ADINA Electromagnetics module (ADINA-EM) to our wide range of multiphysics offerings. Using this module, the general Maxwell's equations can be effectively solved and the resulting electric and magnetic fields can be coupled to the fluid flow. For details please see:

For an overview of other multiphysics capabilities of ADINA please refer to: 

abaqus, cel, coupled eulerian lagrangian, fluid flow

I am trying to model a tube which is filled with liquid that is being crushed.  I am using Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian to model the problem in abaqus, and there are a few distortions/errors in the model.  I am using symmetry to model only quarter of the model.  The liquid actually comes out from the sides of the tubes as the two attached pictures show.  


Zoom in from the side.  It shows the eulerian elements coming out of the tube

Water fow simulation and sedimentation effects in a DAM

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hello dear friends.

I am assigned with a problem to simulate fluid flow through a DAM (a reservoir) of water. If any of the viewer of this topic has worked or started working in such a problem or any open channel flow kindly email me at

I am currently working in CFX.

Sharing increases one's knowledge.

With best regards


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