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electric field

ADINA Electromagnetics

We have recently added the ADINA Electromagnetics module (ADINA-EM) to our wide range of multiphysics offerings. Using this module, the general Maxwell's equations can be effectively solved and the resulting electric and magnetic fields can be coupled to the fluid flow. For details please see:

For an overview of other multiphysics capabilities of ADINA please refer to: 

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Propagation of instability in dielectric elastomers

When an electric voltage is applied across the thickness of a thin layer of an dielectric elastomer, the layer reduces its thickness and expands its area. This electrically induced deformation can be rapid and large, and is potentially useful as soft actuators in diverse technologies. Recent experimental and theoretical studies have shown that, when the voltage exceeds some critical value, the homogenous deformation of the layer becomes unstable, and the layer deforms into a mixture of thin and thick regions.

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