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cyclic load

Plasticity model in Abaqus to capture the continues plastic strain of granular material under triaxial cyclic loading?

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I am working on modelling ballast aggregates under triaxial loading. Confining pressure applied in the intermediate and minor principal direction and cyclic compression load applied in the major principal axis direction. I wanted to capture the continues plastic strain (PS) with cycles (N). My test results show that the PS increase with N up to about 10,000 cycles and the rate of strain slowly diminish for later cycles and almost stay constant after N=100,000. What available model in Abaqus can be used to get this behaviour. I have to run my analysis at least for 10,000 cycles.

Direct Cyclic Periodic Pressure Load

Could you please anyone help me to input Direct Cyclic Periodic Pressure Load.

I have a sine load of amplitude 50 kPa and frequency 5 Hz (ang. freq 31.42 rad/s).

I need to ramp my load to 100 kPa for 5 seconds and then to run the sine load of above amplitude with its mean load on 100 kPa. The sine load go for 10 seconds.

I try with Direct cyclic periodic pressure, but when I check the pressure on applied surface, the pressure not seems what I am applying.




cyclic loading


I am trying to carryout the  analysis of a pressure vessel.
 Which is subjected to 100cycles during its life time.
 The component is subjected to cyclic loading i.e presure of 0-10 MPa and temperature of -10 to 50 deg.
How to give this cyclic loading to carryout analysis.
Thanks and regards

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