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Viscoelastic model parameters in LS-Dyna

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I'm using elastic solid elements to model wave propagation in an
structure in LS-DYNA. I need to add the effect of dissipation in the
system by using viscoelastic material model (MAT_006). All I know from
my material is storage & loss modulus (E=E'+E"*i). I was wondering
how can I transform these parameters into G0, GI and BETA needed by
MAT_006 (G=Gi+(G0-Gi)*exp(-beta*t))?

obtaining stress-strain curve parameters

Dear All,

In one of my elastic-plastic simulations, I have used the Combined hardening model with half-cycle to model its plastic behaviour. So, I've fed in a list of values from experimental data. Now, I understand that ABAQUS uses certain parameters to generate the stress-strain curve from the data that I've provided.

Is it possible to find out these parameters used by ABAQUS?

Thanks in anticipation,


How to classify vehicle parts into sprung and unsprung mass?

I am currently working on deriving equations for different vehicle models using Lagrangian and Newtonian methods. I am need of parameters to test few MATLAB models, and in vague to know exactly how to classify the mass into sprung and unsprung. Similarly, how do I obtain the MOI separately for the unsprung mass?

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