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principal stress

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How are principal planes & eigen vectors of the stress tensor related ? | An intuitive explanation

To obtain the principal planes we construct the stress tensor and find the eigen vectors. Here is an attempt to explain it more intuitively rather than the use of the formal mathematical method. Hope you enjoy this video!

This is an educational outreach initiative targeted at all engineers interested in mechanics and seek simpler explanations. Kindly share if you learn something out of this !

Here is the link to the VIDEO

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What are Principal Stresses (explained without math equations) ?


In the following video, I have tried to explain the concept of principal stress in a more physical way and without involving any mathematical equations, hope you can easily imbibe the concept.

Here is the link to the video : Principal stresses

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Failure of brittle materials using simple experiments- Part 2

Here is my second video, where I tried to explain the concepts of stress state, principal stresses, Mohr circle and failure theories in layman's language and associated these concepts to explain the failure of a brittle material. This is an educational outreach initiative mainly targeted at the undergraduates (mechanical/civil/aerospace and materials engineering) studying mechanics and also other me

question on the design of a wide-flange beam

I am refering to the book - Mechanics of Materials by Beer, Johnston and DeWolf (McGraw-Hill) topic 8.2.

When we design a wide-flange beam, we must consider two conditions. First, the shear stress at the maximum shear section must not exceed the allowable shear stress. Second, the principal stress at the junction of the web and the flange at the section of the maximum moment must also be compared to the allowable normal stress. This is straightforward and clear to me.

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