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3D crack Modeling

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How to extend crack in Mixed mode crack growth in Ansys ?

Hi, I am doing project on mixed mode crack growth of semi elliptical crack in gas turbine components under cyclic loading. Ansys has capability for finding J,K using CINT command. But, In mixed mode crack growth, i dont know how to deal with nodes and how to create random crack with new node coordinates obtained from previous steps. If you have any ansys code related to creating crack and finding fracture parameters like K, J (mode 1 or mixed mode), Can you please give me the code.


(I cant use any other software, only Ansys)

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Can any one provide any apdl code to perform automatic fatigue crack growth ??

Hi, I am using Ansys Apdl for 3d fatigue crack growth. I need any one code to understand how it can be automized (recreating crack with node shift and remeshing).


Thank you

3D crack growth with remeshing using Z-set/Zebulon

Recent advance in adaptive remeshing techniques now gives the possibility to efficiently simulate complex 3D crack growth using conform meshing of the discontinuity. An exemple of such kind of mixed mode simulation with adpative remeshing can be seen on YouTube:

Fracture Mechanics

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How to Model Crack in 3D Geometry by USING ANSYS

I am doing a project in FRACTURE MECHANICS.I completed doing the TASK in 2D geometries now i am facing a problem of creation of CRACK in 3D.. The most important thing is i need to execute in ANSYS only through GUI not through CODING.....PLZZZZZ....HELP ME....... I am attaching the MODEL also ... The model is a PRESSURE VESSEL..... Plz... help

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