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Computational Fracture Mechancis

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Open Postdoc & PhD positions in Computational Materials Science

In the next months, we have a couple of openings for Postdoctoral fellows and PhD students in Computational Materials Science. If you are interested and at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston (Nov 25th - Dec. 2nd) , hit me up!

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Doctoral Position in Mechanical Eengineering (Computational) at Shiv Nadar University

We have open PhD position starting in Spring semester 2016 at the Shiv Nadar University. If any one highly motivated to start research carrer in multidisciplinary research field, please have visit of university webpage (  to get relevant information.

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How to extend crack in Mixed mode crack growth in Ansys ?

Hi, I am doing project on mixed mode crack growth of semi elliptical crack in gas turbine components under cyclic loading. Ansys has capability for finding J,K using CINT command. But, In mixed mode crack growth, i dont know how to deal with nodes and how to create random crack with new node coordinates obtained from previous steps. If you have any ansys code related to creating crack and finding fracture parameters like K, J (mode 1 or mixed mode), Can you please give me the code.


(I cant use any other software, only Ansys)

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