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Design of a porous material with isotropic negative Poisson's ratio

This paper proposes the design of a two-dimensional porous solid with omnidirectional negative Poisson's ratio. The hexagonal periodic distribution of the pores makes the effective behavior isotropic. Both experimental tests and numerical simulations have been performed to determine the effective properties of the porous solid. A parametric study on the effect of the geometrical microstructural parameters is also presented. This auxetic structure is easy to fabricate and can be very useful in several engineering applications.


multilayer material photoelasticity measurement



i'm in an internship, and i want to study the stress destribtuion with photoelasticity method, but my problem is that the material that i have is not homogenious but there ares two layers. I can do the measurement for the two material separated, but i dont know how to do that for my layared material.


 anyone have an idea about how to do photoelasticity measurement for multilayere materials ?



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