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Scanning AC nanocalorimetry study of Zr/B reactive multilayers

The reaction of Zr/B multilayers with a 50 nm modulation period has been studied using scanning AC nanocalorimetry at a heating rate of approximately 1,000 K/s. We describe a data reduction algorithm to determine the rate of heat released from the multilayer. Two different exothermic peaks are identified in the nanocalorimetry signal: a shallow peak at low temperature (200 - 650°C) and a sharp peak at elevated temperature (650 - 800°C).

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Wrinkling of Interfacial Layers in Stratified Composites

by Y. Li, N. Kaynia, S. Rudykh and M. C. Boyce

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 



multilayer material photoelasticity measurement



i'm in an internship, and i want to study the stress destribtuion with photoelasticity method, but my problem is that the material that i have is not homogenious but there ares two layers. I can do the measurement for the two material separated, but i dont know how to do that for my layared material.


 anyone have an idea about how to do photoelasticity measurement for multilayere materials ?



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Meshfree model of shear at two-layer material interface

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Hello IMechanicans,

 I am interested in modelling shear response to mechanical stress at the interface of a two layer matrial e.g. the skin of the human hand, where the superficial layer of tissue slides over the deeper layer, while retaining some sort of attachment to it. 

Does anyone know of any research papers that have investrigated this topic? I would rather base my work on the advances made my others, instead of reinventing the wheel.


- Olumide


Perturbation analysis of a wavy film in a multi-layered structure

A free surface in a multi-layer can experience an undulation due to surface diffusion during fabrication or etching process. In order to analyze the undulation, the elasticity solution for the undulating film is needed. Considering the undulation as a perturbation of a flat surface, a boundary value problem for 2D elasticity is formulated. The solution procedure is straightforward, but very lengthy especially for a multi-layer.

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