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Eigen Buckling; Nonlinear Buckling ;

Imperfection in a Riks Analysis (ABAQUS)

I am performing a nonlinear post buckling using Riks method. I went through different tutorials for the same. I happen to see that an *IMPERFECTION is introduced while performing the non linear buckling analysis.Why is it done? How does/will the model react differently if the Imperfection is no introduced?

I wish to plot the graph of load v/s displacement for 1,2,3,4...10 times the critical buckling load during the post buckling analysis (Riks method). How do I do that?

Can nonlinear buckling analysis gives us an over estimate ?

I am working on thermal buckling of annular FGM plates using the DQ method in FORTRAN. The results show that for simply-simply edges, the nonlinear thermal buckling loads are greater than those of eigen buckling loads. But for clamped-clamped edges, as it may be expected, the nonlinear buckling loads are under estimate, i.e. they are lower than eigen buckling loads.Why?

Is it possible that the nonlinear buckling analysis gives us an over estimate load ?

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