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impact damage

Industry-level journal about FEM applications

Hi dear mechanicians,

I am about to publish the results of my MSc thesis in a journal. The thing is, my project was carried out in industry about multi-scale FE simulation of impact in composites. So it is merely an industry-level application of available methods.

 I want to ask if any of you have any particular journal in mind, in which publishing such a paper is rather easy (doable) and does not have a long waiting list for review??

Looking forward to your suggestions

Thanx a lot


impact damage due to laminar construction??

Hi everyone,


According to a book chapter written by NL Hancox, 'Laminar construction of composites which is required if the reinforcing fibres are to be used efficiently and anisotropy reduced, can be a reason why composite laminates are vulnerable to impact damage.'

Now I have three questions;

1-What is meant here by the specified 'laminar construction to reduce anisotropy'?Does it mean to use different orientation for fibres in each ply to have an isotropic material at the laminate level?

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