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evolution problem

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A Nobel Prize worthy paper, unifying Mechanics and Thermodynamics with a mathematical basis

I highly recommend this paper to any mechanician who is familiar with the scientific efforst in the last 150 years to unify mechanics and thermodynamics. Sosnoskiy and Sherbakov and several others from the Russian Academy of Sciences listed in the Acknowledgemnsts have achieved it. Congratulations.

Sosnovskiy, L. Sherbakov, S.,”Mechanothermodynamic Entropy and Analysis of Damage State of Complex Systems”, Entropy, 2016, 18, 268.

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Boundary conditions and gradient discontinuity in lower-order gradient plasticity

Amit Acharya, Huang Tang, Sunil Saigal, John L. Bassani, On boundary conditions and plastic strain-gradient discontinuity in lower-order gradient plasticity, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 52 (2004) 1793 – 1826

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