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membrane theory

Design of Storage Tank( including Cone roof structure analysis)

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Namaste from India.Jay Naik here. I am Post graduation Student doing Specialization in Machine Design.I am Doing My project in Master in area of" Design of storage tank" in One of the reputed company in Static Equipment Design.Any Idea on which Software(Fea or failure analysis) Design of storage tank is carried out?I have heard about AMETank and Ansys.

Secondly i am carrying out Literature review Present days.reading API 650 and other standards.Suggestion requires in this area.

Please guide me in proper which way i should carry out the project in systematic way.

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Quick start - strains from displacements in triangular mesh

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  I need suggestions/advice regarding quick starting point for getting strains (Green-Lagrangian) from displacement vector field defined over nodes of a triangular mesh ?

I understand that this is a well established theory, however, I was wondering if I can avoid reinventing the wheel !

Can someone help  me regarding which would be the fastest way to get there ( compute strains )? 


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