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linear elastic fracture mechanics

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Using LEFM for analyzing crack in a non linear material

Dear all,

I am trying to find the crack tip SIF in Polyurethane which an elastomer. It behaves like a nonlinear elastic material with the initial small linear elastic region. Can I use a multi-parameter stress field equation (William's crack tip stress field equation) to get the SIF of the crack tip.

Thank you

fracture mechanics and crack growth using ansys 12.1 workbench n-code

      i am a student of 4th year mechanical engineering.

     i working on  project of fracture mechanics. in this project we consider flat square plate with a central hole having specified dimenstion and material. initially we assume symmetric crack around a hole. i want to find out crack growth under different tensile load condition and using this i want to find out stress intensity factor and  when it reaches to cataschrophic failure. plz give ans as soon as possible                   

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