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User defined subroutine

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Dear all,

       I want to achieve these procedures in abaqus, but I did not know how to do it, could you give me some suggestions?

      In the first step, discretize the structure by the transport mesh and run transport analysis for the structure.

     In the second step, using the results (stored in the user defined field), discretize the structure by the stress mesh(normal stress analysis), and run the stress analysis.

UEL Subroutine aborts with error 5.

Hello Experts,


I have written a Uel subroutine and trying to implement on a plate constrained at all the edges. 

My UEL Subroutine executes without any errors when the total number of elements are just 15 to 20. But when I increase the number of elements and mesh it more fine, My Uel subroutine aborts with ERROR Code 5.

If I print the JELEM, UEL Subroutine is aborting always at 52th Element, i.e when JELEM=52. Even when I remesh the structure with different size, Uel subroutine consistantly aborts for the 52ed element.

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