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Tan's lecture notes

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Explosion Engineering (MACE61054) Discussion Blog

You are always invited to join our course discussions!

Topics for MACE 61054 Explosion Engineering

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MACE-11010 Engineering Mechanics

You are always welcome to visit my office (B14/Pariser), call (0161 306 8970), or email (

Grading System

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simulations in materials

Interetsed topics include:

  • Material Point Method, eXtended Finite Element Method, and other mesh-free methods;
  • Combined atomistic and continuum simulations;
  • Multiscale homogenization.

Links to other blogs:

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materials of engineering laboratory

In the spring semester of 2002, Dr. Woldesenbet and I gave a hand-on laboratory course: Materials of Engineering Laboratory, to the junior undergraduate students at the Louisiana State University. In this Blog, I am also adding some state-of-the-art techniques for materials laboratory.

Class schedule: 

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modern explosion science and engineering

This blog focuses on the behaviors of energetic materials (such as solid rocket propellants, high explosives), shock waves,  and explosions. And also on the protections, from the design of protecting materials and structures.

Lecture notes:

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