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fracture toughness test

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Size effects and failure regimes in notched micro-cantilever beam fracture

Notched micro-cantilever beam fracture (MCF) experiments are increasingly being used to measure fracture toughness of materials at the micro-scale and draw conclusions about size-effects in them. In our recent paper published in Acta Materialia, 'Size effects and failure regimes in notched micro-cantilever beam fracture', we elucidate the failure regimes in MCF experiments and discuss the conditions for validity of MCF tests.

Simulation of fracture toughness test

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Hi, I am new to ABAQUS. I want to simulate the fracture toughness test to predict the behaviour of materials(brittle/ductile). Please help me how can I proceed?

If possible give me some guidelines and if you have any documents regarding this topic kindly send it to:

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggession.

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