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hyper elasticity

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A phase-field mixture theory of tumor growth

Our paper on the phase-field mixture theory of tumor growth is published in JMPS. The continuum model simulates significant mechano-chemo-biological features of avascular tumor growth in the various microenvironment, i.e., nutrient concentration and mechanical stress.

Faghihi, Feng, Lima, Oden, and Yankeelov (2020). A Coupled Mass Transport and Deformation Theory of Multi-constituent Tumor Growth. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 103936.

2D Mooney Rivlin Strain Energy Function


I want to model a tissue using the Mooney Rivlin strain energy function. However, I am currently working in 2D (plane stress or plane strain would do). I only found the 3D material model for the strain energy density function online. What modifications should I make for converting it to 2d? I read that there is only 1 parameter required for the 2D case as opposed to the 3D case. What is the equation of this function? Is there any relation between the parameter C10 and C01 of the 3D case, and C1 of the 2D case for the same material?

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