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Nonlinear Analysis Fire and Explosion using LS-Dyna or ANSYS

I have one model offshore that were designed based on BENTLEY SACS and by that I wanted to convert it on LS-Dyna or SACS to CFD to observe  blast and fire effects & loading and then for non linear analysis of structural.

ANSYS , LS-DYNA: simulation of full penetration impact

there any one here who could help me through the step-by-step creating and analyzing
a 3D simulation of ballistic, full penetration impact of a steel, rigid
projectile into the 3D composite plate?

note1: as i know,
available HASHIN damage model in ABAQUS isn't an appropriate tool to do
that. because it has an important restriction that confined you in the
"2D" damage analysis of composites and using 2D planar elements only.

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