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Nonlinear Response of a Skin Panel Under Combined Thermal and Structural Loading - 2012

This paper presents a detailed investigation of the interactions and interplay among these parameters as evidenced by the nonlinear response of the panel. The study focuses on the nonlinear response of the skin panel under combined thermal and structural loading.

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Using Abaqus to Model Delamination in Fiber- Reinforced Composite Materials - 2012

In this paper, a failure criterion and damage properties are investigated to model delaminations in composite parts. Different modeling techniques are explored to evaluate their ability to replicate experimental results.

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Using Abaqus/Explicit to Link the Manufacturing Process to the Final Part Quality - 2012

The ability of the design tool to predict part quality based on manufacturing process parameters is dependent upon the mechanical behavior of the fabric reinforcements, which includes the in-plane shearing and tensile behaviors, bending stiffness and friction between contacting surfaces during the manufacturing process.

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Parameterization and Optimization of balloon expandable Stent - 2012

This paper discusses the use of such advanced technique to solve the stent design problems. The paper would cover the essence of Finite Element Analysis, FE Model Parameterization and Optimization. Finite element modeling (FEM) and analysis with SIMULIA is used to estimate stress distribution in the stent.

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A fundamental study of the flow past a circular cylinder using Abaqus/CFD - 2012

Taking fluid flows generated around a circular cylinder immersed in a uniform flow as an object of study. As a consequence, the study has obtained comprehensive knowledge and findings that can be applied to problems associated with fundamental estimation of the flow around the circular cylinder.

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Lamb Wave Propagation Simulation in Smart Composite Structures - 2012

This study presents Abaqus/Standard simulation of Lamb waves in smart composite plates is investigated for detecting delamination type damage and the effect of delamination size on the structural response.

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An innovative gear tooth analysis and evaluation technique - 2012

In this paper, an analytical example of this innovative technique will be presented on one of Nabtesco Corporation (“Nabtesco” hereinafter)’s products. To determine the most advantageous crowning, it is very important to accurately evaluate surface stress for all phases of engagement.

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Analysis of High Cycle Fatigue Cracks in the Welds of Large Diesel Engines - 2012

In this aspect of study is investigating the recent introduction of the Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) in Abaqus. This paper demonstrates and discusses how a real case of fatigue crack growth in a large diesel engine can be analyzed by the use of the XFEM in Abaqus.

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A 3D Discrete Damage Modeling Methodology for Abaqus for Fatigue Damage Evaluation in Bolted Composite Joints - 2012

This study presents a discrete crack network model (DCN) for damage progression prediction has been developed by combining mesh independent matrix cracking with cohesive zone delamination models at the ply interfaces.

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Realistic Simulation of Golf Ball Impact - 2012

This paper presents an Abaqus/Explicit simulation of the impact event when a golf club hits a golf ball. The simulation emphazies accurate material characterization and realistic model construction.

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Modeling Component Assembly of a Bearing Using Abaqus - 2012

Simulation techniques used in present work include shrink fits at various analysis steps, model change at different analysis steps. This will demonstrate the capability of Abaqus in simulating reality of a complex bearing assembly and further stress analysis for different loading conditions.

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TMF Lite Process Develoment - 2012

In this study, a user subroutine film is used to define the htc and gas temperature at manifold surfaces so that the transient thermal analysis can be perfomred in Abaqus quickly.

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Development of Benchmark Examples for Quasi- Static Delamination Propagation and Fatigue Growth Predictions - 2012

The development of benchmark examples for quasi-static delamination
propagation and cyclic delamination onset and growth prediction is presented and demonstrated for Abaqus/Standard.

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The idea of our approach is to define modal composite damping in system in proportion to strainenergy within the mode shape, as independent computer program. This approach allows to take into account soil damping in modal analysis.

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Structural Mechanics of Steam Turbines: Facing challenges in FE-postprocessing with STARpost - 2012

This paper describes how Siemens Energy large scale steam turbines R&D has faced this challenge by developing ‘STARpost’ and provides many more field outputs beneficial for hot turbomachinery R&D and an environment for convenient visualization.

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Finite element simulation for the impact of Root Morphology on pulling-out process - 2012

This study aims at using the FEM to demonstrate the impact of individual root models in anchorage process with consideration to different rooting patterns and to estimate the stress distribution in soil during the pulling out process.

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Applications for MBS-FEM-coupling with MpCCI using automotive simulation as example - 2012

A coupled MBS-FEM-simulation approach is presented. The used programs are Adams and Abaqus. MpCCI (Multi-Physics Code Coupling Interface) is used for a copled simulation.

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Experimental Verification of Automated Design of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams - 2012

In this paper an automated design technique using nonlinear finite element analysis is presented and validated with experiment for RCDBs. This nonlinear finite element automated design technique was used to design the reinforcement for a RCDB.

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A new approach to generate Approximation model for CAE analysis using Isight - 2012

In this paper, we propose an efficient approach to generate more accurate Approximation model using less Teacher data. In this approach, Isight will search peaks and valleys of current response surface using optimization drivers, add them to Teacher data, and update the response surface automatically.

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Failure Modeling of Thermoplastic Butt-Joint Stiffened Panels by Quasi-Static Loading - 2012

In this work the quasi-static response of thermoplastic butt-joint stiffened beam in bending conditions is modeled. In these panels, the stiffener is connected to the skin by a short-fiber reinforced filler.

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Experimental Correlation of an n-Dimensional Load Transducer Augmented by Finite Element Analysis - 2012

Presented in this paper is an alternative approach to load measurement which leverages the Finite Element Method in
conjunction with a physical sample to produce an n-Dimensional load transducer.

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Fatigue Damage Analysis of an Elastomeric Tank Track Component - 2012

This study presents the calculation identifies the location and number of duty cycle repeats associated with the first appearance of 1 mm cracks for the selected duty cycle, providing an example of how fatigue analysis may be applied to understand damage development in elastomeric components.

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Using Isight Simulation Automation Tools to Reduce the Cycle Time for Ship Structural Analysis Processes - 2012

This paper presents an overview of some of the ship structural analyses, the simulation automation Isight models created, and a
summary of the predicted man-hour reductions. It also discusses how Isight is predicted to enable meeting schedule demands.

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Correlation of the Vibroacoustic Response of Structural Panels with Isight for Use in Statistical Energy Analysis -2012

The details of this interface are shown and several correlation examples of varying complexity are provided. Using this improved process will speed up workflow and improve the accuracy of SEA simulations.

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Accelerating the Development of Expandable Liner Hanger Systems using Abaqus - 2012

This paper summarizes the use of Abaqus/Explicit for FEA of an expandable liner hanger system that comprises an adjustable swage to expand the hanger body, slip ring to hang, and a packer to
seal in a variable-diameter casing.


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