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software of interest to mechanicians

which material can be used for modelling a microstucture of metal foams in Abaqus?

I simulate a metal foam microstructure in abaqus but now in material property I dont know which kind of material can I use?

For example I used elasticity and plastic(crushable foam) or elasticity and plastic(isotropic hardening) ?


Why the VVF of GTN model within Abaqus keeps 0

I calculated an example of unaxial tension using GTN model offered by Abaqus. I followed all the instructions found in CAE User's and Analysis User's manual in Abaqus documentation. No error or warning was issued but the result seemed ridiculous, since VVF, VVFG and VVFN keeped 0 throughout the process while equivalent plastic strain keeped increasing(which showed the material had come into plastic deformation). I don't know what went wrong, looking forward to you reply.

Temperature growing Riks step ABAQUS

Hi all

 I am modeling a truss in fire conditions, using ISO 835 fire for it. Now I have included some imperfections on the braces(L/1000) and I would like to know how to run this type of analysis(RIKS)

I used normally two steps, one to define the load on my truss and the second to import the temperatures as a predefined field. At this moment I do not know ho to modify my model steps in order to reach the solution. My temperature analysis takes 30 min and I cannot add time to a riks analysis

Simpleware Case Study: Pseudomorph Modelling

In this project, Simpleware's image processing and mesh generation software was used to complete an ancient geological process through new technology. The goal of the project was to create a pseudomorph, an object that maintains an original shape over time while changing its inner materiality.

hi, I'm looking for how we can do homogenization on ABAQUS. thank you in advance. salut, Je cherche comment nous pouvons faire

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I'm looking for how we can do homogenization on ABAQUS.
thank you in advance.

Je cherche comment nous pouvons faire homogénéisation sur ABAQUS.
merci à l'avance.

rotordynamics analysis by PATRAN and NASTRAN

Hi guys,

    Is there anybody use PATRAN and NASTRAN to simulate rotor-bearing sysytem.

After modeling the shat and meshing it, I don't know which element type can be used to 

analysis the bearing than contain cross stiffness and damping  coefficients.

The following is an exmple:


I can't download the "3DS ACADEMY" tablet application, anyone can?


I have an android 4.3 tablet. but I can't download from this link:

Error message:"This app is incompatible with your device". google not recognize my  android! 

Anyone can download this, and upload for me? or find another link!


modelling progressive impact damage in Abaqus


Iwant to model progressive impact damage problem in Abaqus. I know the theory, but I don't know how to use Abaqus to modeling damage. is there any example, tutoial or etc to help me?


Patran/PCL parametrization

Dear imechanica users,

I have decided to learn how to use .ses and .pcl files in Patran to simplify repeatable operations.

In my problem, I would like to consider several beams of the same length, loading/BC conditions etc. but with different cross-section dimensions.
In order to make my calculations fully automatic, I have parametrized both width and height of the cross sections (as REAL a,b) and created nested FOR loops to obtain 20 different designs.

Online finite element analysis of nanoindentation (indentation)

Dear All, 


We (the NanoBIO Node at Illinois ) have a preliminary release of an online finite element analysis of nanoindentation (indentation) tool using FEAP

This preliminary release is limited to linear elastic material, axisymmetric geometry, spherical rigid indenter, and various boundary conditions. 

Modelling Crack in ANSYS APDL??

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Could you please explain to me how to model a crack in ANSYS APDL and obtain its stress intensity factor...

conjugate real eigenvalues

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I have an eigenvalue solver, subspace iteration, that can get only positive eigenvalues. I have a problem (K - lambda M)u=0 that has pairs of eigenvalues +/- lambda. How can I transform the eigenvalue problem for the solver to search for lambda^2 rather than lambda?


ANSYS and analytical modeling of elastic-viscoelastic-elastic sandwich beams

hi,,,,,,,,,,i am doing project on viscoelastic sandwich beam in ansys can any1 give idea how to model ,assign properties ,which element,,,,,,i need to choose if any references /tuturial/copy,,let me know it will be helpful,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for

Reverse Engineering Ants for Robotics

New research is emerging out of a project where Ohio State University used our software to reconstruct the anatomy of an ant neck. In this project, micro-CT scans of an ant neck were reconstructed using Simpleware software and exported as a mesh for analysis in Abaqus.

Model from Abaqus to LSDyna


does anyone know, if it is possible to transfer a FE-Model from Abaqus to LsDyna? I build up the model with Abaqus Cae, so I can take either the *.cae or the *.inp file.

Thanks for your answers, Lena

How to export meshing from abaqus to nastran



May I know how do I export meshing from abaqus to nastran? is it possible?





Groove Noise simulation

Hello Everyone

 I am new to this iMechanica. I am facing difficulty with simulating Groove noise in abaqus.

 Can somebody help me out.



How to model discrete mass-spring system in ABAQUS?

Hi everyone,


I am currently working on a project which needs mass-spring model. Previously I use MATLAB to implement 1D and 2D system, and I want to model 3D system by ABAQUS now. I am just starting to learn ABAQUS, it seems like there is not much tutorial or example about this kind of model.


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Using XFEM in Abaqus to Model Fracture and Crack Propagation

Join us on this FREE one hour eSeminar. Register below for the live seminar in your time zone.

Engineers are under increasing pressure to improve and extend the operating life of structural components. Abaqus FEA provides proven robust capabilities for modeling bulk fracture and crack propagation in composites.

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Register today for free webinar: IBM Application Ready Solution for Abaqus Users

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Simpleware case study - permeability of 3D printed titanium implants

We have a new case study, looking at the permeability of 3D printed titanium implants. Learn how our software helped to streamline this project. 


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