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Simpleware case study - permeability of 3D printed titanium implants

We have a new case study, looking at the permeability of 3D printed titanium implants. Learn how our software helped to streamline this project. 

ABAQUS Reinforced Concrete Beam Model

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Hi All,

I am trying to model a simply supported reinforced concrete beam with longitudinal reinforcement. I am using 8-node solid elements for the concrete, and 2-node truss elements for the longitudinal reinforcement bars. I have embedded the reinforcement bars in the concrete using an Embedded Region constraint. I am then applying a displacement at the midspan (deflection control). I am using the Concrete Damaged Plasticity model for the concrete. My model begins to run but will not converge. Some of the error messages that I get are:

Wafer Butterfly Valve

Wafer Butterfly Valve


Wafer Butterfly Valve Specification: DN50-600

Wafer Butterfly Valve Temperature: -15°C~120°C

Wafer Butterfly Valve Pressure: 1.0MPa/1.6MPa

Wafer Butterfly Valve Materials of Body: Ductile Iron (GGG40,GGG50).Cast Iron (GG25),Stainless Steel 

fiber reinforced concrete modeling

hi everybody.

 i want to simulate and modelling fiber reinforced concrete in abaqus. but i don't know and i can't how to do it.

how can i simulate the fibers in concret? 

please help me in this case.




New Simpleware Case Studies

We have a number of new case studies at, which cover recent applications of our 3D image to model software in the fields of Biomedicine and Materials research. 

Non-uniform expansion coefficient alpha in UEXPAN (ABAQUS)

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I want to define the expansion coefficient alpha as a function of the depth, alpha(z)=f(z). How can I achieve this in UEXPAN? I cannot find a way to incorporate coordinates in UEXPAN.

How can a zero length torsional spring element be modeled in ANSYS?

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I‘m working on the determination of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes
for different loading cases using ANSYS software ( i need to use them in my
model). My Finite Element model of graphene and carbon nanotube is working fine with beam188 element, but I have
some technical problems in my simulation. These problem are summarized in
points as follow;



i want to add a stress relation to abaqus

can i write it in fortran in a way that i can enter specification like abaqus then have the calculation of stress in fortran and bring back the result in abaqus to analysis? 

load effect in ansys

hi everyone;

we know that axial load effect on dynamic responses of structur ( for example comparsion axial load decreas frequencies) and Modal analysis does not depend on load too.

i want to obtain dynamic responses for simply supported beam under axial load. How do modal analysis in the presence of axial load in ansys (How apply effect of axial load)???

plz help me


farajzare's picture

Deep Rolling simulation in ABAQUS

Hi all
I want to simulate the deep rolling process(as seen as in attachment)
in this model I defined 2 steps,at first, the rigid ball create a pressure to cylinder to create residual stress and at the second step the ball begins displacement with
a low speed in direction of cylinder longitude to create surface overlap, while the cylinder is rotating in both steps.
in this model I have used the explicit solver but it takes too much time and elements convergence cannot be accomplished.
how can i reduce the time of my solution?

Abaqus 6.13-1 compatible software

Does anybody know which version of Intel visual Fortran and Microsoft Visual Studio are compatible with Abaqus 6.13-1? Thanks for your help.

XFEM for rock in ABAQUS


I tried to simulating crack propagation with XFEM method  in porous media (rock),  but got error code 144 (like this error" the executable C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\6.9-1\exec\standard.exe aborted with system error code 144. Please check the .dat, .msg, and .sta files for error messages if the files exist. If there are no error messages and you cannot resolve the problem, please run the command" )

I think abaqus 6.11 can't simulating crock propagation with XFEM method  in porous media , is it true?

Ask a question about ABAQUS

Hi Dear All

I have simulated a beam weakend by blunt V-notch. I want to define a set around the notch tip utilizing my desired points borrowed from the computer programming. How could I define this set?

I really apprciate if any one could help me.

Fluent Start up Error, Please help

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Hi everybody,
I have installed the ANSYS 14 package, All the included softwares are working properly except Fluent.
during start up the following message appears:

Loading "C:\...\lib\fl_s1119.dmp"

No error handler available.
Error encountered in critical code section

Hit return to exit.

Would you please help me with that?
Thank you very much in advance.
Looking forward to your answers

Having Problem for Exporting IGES File from ANSYS

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Hello everybody

Create new ( multiple ) parts from existing (single )part in Abaqus

Hello Everyone,

i am kind of newbie to Abaqus, in learning phase. My question is regarding creating new parts from existing part in abaqus, kind of splitting activity similar to slice feature in ANSYS Designmodeler. As far as my regular activity in Ansys workbench, i require to slice body in designmodeler, to create new volumes, to refine mesh, or to define contacts with different status.have limited access to modeling software, so basically work with simulation software pre processor.

common block in abaqus user subroutine vufield

Dear friends,


I am working on vufiled subroutine for abaqus. I already have a named common block statement in my vfriction subroutine. I need the values from the common block be read in vufield subroutine and passed further / saved to a field variable to be able to plot a contour plot.

Can anyone share his ideas about the coding or have an advice for me?



Image Based Modeling for Biomedical Implant Design

We'd like to share a recent publication based on our software, which converts 3D volumetric image data into computational models; this article, published in partnership with MSC Technology, highlights how we've been able to produce successful FE models for biomedical implant design.

We have more case studies and information available on our website - - where you can also download a free 30 day trial of our software.

Abaqus help

Dear all,

I'm doing a dynamic analysis and optimization of high speed railway bridges. After developing the abaqus input file (*inp), the following errors have occured and I was unable to solve them. I have attached a picture showing the node number that I used to model the train. the car body and the bogies are model as a rigid body in which nodes 6001,6004 and 6501 are the reference nodes. 

1. An overconstraint problem. it says "Zero pivot when processing Node 6004 d.o.f 2, node 6004 d.o.f 6 and node 6001 d.o.f 6

Abaqus step definition

Hello everyone.. Consider a cantilever for sequential load steps in abaqus.
Fist step I want to apply imposed displacement of 2mm at free end.
2nd step I want impose +/-6mm Z displacement at free end (total 3
cycles. (One cycle= +6 and -6 mm in z direction)

Can somebody let me know how to do this. how to define two steps ?

Thank you in advance


TSHR output problem

Dear colleagues,


I have one question concerning the TSHR (transverse shear stresses) output request in application of Thick Shell S8R elements in Abaqus/standard. 


the follow qarning occurs:  Output request tshr is not available when *transverse shear stiffness is specified on the *shell section definition or a material in the shell has been defined without *elastic

 Can anybody please help with an advioce or two, on how to solve this?


all the best




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