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Equivalent Conwep pressure in abaqus

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I modeled a sandwich panel under blast loading with conwep function in abaqus,

My problem is that I want to read the equivalent pressure due to amount of TNT I assembled in abaqus,

Do you have any idea how I can get it?

I know that there is an equation for calculating the pick pressure due to conwep loading but I want to read that in abaqus.

What is the appropriate field output or history output for pressure due to conwep loading?



Free Simpleware ScanIP 7.0 Webinar - Dec 11th 2014

8am-9am GMT or 5pm-6pm GMT


The latest release of Simpleware’s 3D image processing and model generation software includes new features designed to enhance visualisation, analysis and segmentation of 3D image data. Features include a particles analyser, centreline tools and new physics modules for calculating effective material properties using homogenisation techniques. 

Simpleware Version 7.0 now available

We're delighted to announce the Version 7.0 release of our 3D image processing, analysis and model generation software. The release comes with a wide range of new features including:

New Animations - generate animations from within the ScanIP interface - explore your data and create videos to communicate work to colleagues, with options for 'fly-throughs' available.

how to calculate dispersion relation with ABAQUS ?

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  I wanna get the dispersion relation of acoustic crystals in ABAQUS, so far as I know, the frequencies can be obtained by applying different wave vectors in the IBZ, but I dont know how to opperate in ABAQUS, in what way can we simulate the wave vectors (or the cooresponding wave length) . By applying force or displacement, or acceleration ?

 Attacthed, should I model the whole structure or just the 1st BZ? If the 1st BZ is employed, should the periodic semmetric B.C. be considered in my model?

Any suggestion is appreciated! 

Co_simulation abaqus dymola


How can i run a co_simulation with two PC, one will run with abaqus and the other will run with dymola 

How can i do this Co_simulation 


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creating a zero-thickness layer using ABAQUS 6.13

i have concrete slab and cfrp sheet i want to strength that slab with cfrp sheet so i try to model the epoxy layer as a cohesive layer between them the issue is when creating the orphan meshing which can be done by mesheing all instances as a normal mesh then selecting the slab and cfrp and go to mesh/creat mesh part after that go to mesh/edit and then selecting mesh/offset(creat solid layers) and now abaqus requires to select the element faces from which the offset will be generated so i selected the cfrp surafce that must be sticked to the slab by epoxy and then i create the set and assig

Analisys high cycle fatigue(HCF) in Abaqus

Hello my friends...
I want to study ''fatigue crack growth'' in Abaqus...I need your help...Could anybody help me about this problem??
I need to know, what is the XFEM Abaqus out put for fracture mechanic??I meen does it give SIF,N(fatigue life) and the crack path??I read Abaqus documentation, it has said that Abaqus can do low cycle fatigue,Can I use it for HCF?? do I need to write a code or subroutine??
Thank you

UMAT implementation

Hi all

I want to use Abaqus UMAT subroutine and I don't know how can I use the subroutine in Abaqus materials.




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how to model a CFRP sheet attached to concrete using resin by ABAQUS

hello everybody ..

iam trying to model a one-way rc slab with opening and strength that opening using CFRP sheets by attaching it to the concrete slab using resin as a cohesive layer 

i have the properties of CFRP sheet ( thickness,tensile strength,elastic modulus,ultimate tensile strength)

also have the resin ( epoxy) properties (tensile strength,elastic modulus)

so please i need help on how to model all this strengthening using ABAQUS 6.13 

if anyone done that before or have any info about it please update me

regards . . .

DSTRAN in UMAT with nonlinear geometry

Dear Colleagues,

I have done some analysis with nonlinear geometry. I use quadratic 3D solid elements. I have learned the way to calculating DSTRAN and DROT from ABAQUS documentation as follows:

Abaqus - isotropic material definition problem with engineering constants


I am using a steady-state dynamic analysis procedure to model harmonic loading of a structure. I am investigating different material definitions. When I applied transversely isotropic stiffness using engineering constants, I saw a much different response than expected. So, as a test, I compared the following two models which gave DIFFERENT results: 

In SPH method, does it need fracture criterion?

In abaqus ,  there is an example for SPH. It can be obtained by:

abaqus fetch job=ver_prc_projectileimpact.inp

There are two fracute criterion in this file.

But even both of them are removed, the simulation results are similar.


In SPH method, does it need fracture criterion?


ANSA or Hypermesh

Hi all

I am using Hypermesh for modelling a simulation model for automtorive structure.

But I dont understand which is better for my usage.

I need to make 1.Geometry cleanup 2.Mesh (2D & 3D) 3.also setup for some type of analysis (ex: strength,Crash)

Which will be beter for above operations.


ABAQUS Element Connectivity


I am trying to mesh the hollow sphere attachged using structured BRICK-8 elements. It turns out in order to have a structured mesh, I have to have 2 partitions such that four quadrants be generated.

What I only need from ABAQUS is the element connectivity. I do not need to solve any problem.

ABAQUS subroutine for compressible neo-Hookean material

Hi everyone, 


I am new to ABAQUS software and recently i was trying to implement compressible neo-Hookean material in ABAQUS and for me it is a very difficult task. There are already codes available for the nearly incompressible neo-Hookean material. Since ABAQUS is a widely used software,  i was wondering whether there are any database avaible consisting different codes that we can access. I am desperately looking for a subroutine for compressible neo-Hookean material. Can someone please help me or give me some direction. Thanks a lot !



Tricky!!! How to read CPRESS(contact pressure) in a subroutine

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I want to set the contact pressure as a input in the routine but I don't know if there is a subroutine allows reading the contact pressure.

Thanks a lot for answering the question!!!

Tricky!!! How to read CPRESS(contact pressure) in a subroutine

I want to set the contact pressure as a input in the routine but I don't know if there is a subroutine allows reading the contact pressure.

Thanks a lot for answering the question!!!

Question about the tangential behavior of ABAQUS

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Hello everyone, I am using ABAQUS to study the tangential behavior (friction) at the interface between rock-machine. I know tangential behaivour simualtion is key for my model, I read the manual, but still have some puzzels, hoping you could help me, much appreciated in advance!


VUMAT general queries

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I am beginner in abaqus and I want to write a VUMAT for VIB method to simulate fracture, while writing VUMAT i encountered following problems 

1) For 2D plane stress problem how to calculate strainInc(*,3). It is increment for that step or value of strain till that step?

2) What is effect of that defination on answer I am getting?

MSC.Marc Subroutine

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I wrote the following subroutine to extract nodal stress values. It perfectly writes down the nodal stresses in MSC.Marc installed for Linux; however, when I try to implement this subroutine in MSC.Marc installed for Windows using intel(R) Visual Fortran compiler, error "forrt1: severe <157>: Program Exception - access violation" occurs.

The subroutine is:

      subroutine impd(lnode,dd,td,xord,stnod,f,v,a)

      include '../common/implicit'

      include '../common/array3'

      include '../common/array2'

software comparison (abaqus, ansys, flac, udec)

hi everyone, right now I am writing my reserach proposal and met some question really need your help. thank you in advance!

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A UMAT Code In ABAQUS - Progressive Failure Analysis

I have written a UMAT code in ABAQUS. This UMAT degrades the young modulus of an isotropic elastic material at a point when the VonMises stress at that point reaches a specific value. It can be seen as a simple progressive failure code. I have applied this UMAT code to a Notched plate under uniform tension.

The problem is that exactly before the damage initiation, the ABAQUS/Standard diverges. I am sure that there is a very simple mistake that I just can't see!

Ansys Non Linear ANALYSIS

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When Working on Ansys Non Linear Static Structural Analysis, I couldn't comprehen while defining and assigning material properties to corrosponding bodies.

When I give different random values for density in Engineering Data and runing the jobs parallely the results look SIMILAR for all the independent values, I couldn't fish out on what basis do the software is giving out results.

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Which IDE are you using for ABAQUS coding

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IDE is the environment where we code, we have VS2008 for c++/c ... coding, and we also have "Qt creator" for qt related c++ coding. Do you have any idea on a friendly IDE for ABAQUS coding?


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