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Open PhD position at INSA de Lyon - Experimental study of strain hardening in glassy polymers

Here is an open (fully funded) PhD position starting next fall at INSA de Lyon. With Paul Sotta and Renaud Rinaldi, we are looking for candidates eager to understand and unveil the physical origin of strain-hardening mechanism in glassy polymers.

=> so if you want to know more about the subject or are interested by the topic, don't hesitate to apply! ;-)

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Rheological investigation and modeling of healing properties during extrusion‐based 3D printing of poly(lactic‐acid)

Dear fellow iMechanicians,

Here is our recent paper that studies and models the rheological behavior of PLA deposited by 3D printing and allows to highlight the important process parameters than enable a full healing of the interface between printed layers.


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1 year post-doc position at INSA-Lyon - Design of Electro-active sensors for Medical Engineering

In the context of the pluri-disciplinar project MIMIMed@Lyon founded by the Carnot Institute, we are looking to hire a post-doctoral candidate for a one-year position, starting early 2023 at INSA-Lyon in France.

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Anti-icing propylene-glycol materials

Dear fellow iMechanicians,

Here is our recent paper published in EML on novel anti-icing materials based on propylene-glycol (PG) gels. This work was performed in collaboration with Xi Yao, Baohong Chen and myself while working in Zhigang Suo's lab at Harvard, and provides new solutions for anti-icing purposes (i.e. throug blankets design) without large and costly release of PG in the environment.

Anti-icing propylene glycol materials

Xi Yao, Baohong Chen, Xavier P. Morelle and Zhigang Suo*

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