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Modern and open finite element code


MoFEM is open and free finite element code. See short video showing how easy you can install code form scratch MoFEM web page is avaliable here If you are intersted in contribute to MoFEM code or simply use it let us know. Feel free to aks any question.

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3D brittle cracking using r-adaptivity


Very often analysis with X-FEM leads to poorly conditioned system of equations. In attached an alternative approach which controls quality of FE tetrahedral elemens is shown. Approach utilizing Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian approach with material forces is shown.

As an example 3D problem involving large strain and displacements is presented,




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Corotational formulation for 3D solids

Pleas have look
This paper presents theory for the Lagrange co-rotational (CR) formulation of finite elements in the geometrically nonlinear analysis of 3D structures. In this paper strains are assumed to be small while the magnitude of rotations from the reference configuration is not restricted. A new best fit rotator and consistent spin filter are derived. 


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