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Effect of extension twins on texture evolution at elevated temperature deformation accompanied by dynamic recrystallization

 High temperature deformation processing of magnesium and its alloys is often 
accompanied by dynamic recrystallization (DRX). Deformation twinning is one of the main 
deformation mechanisms in HCP metals, but very few works are available in literature 
(experimental or modelling) which investigate the effect of the deformation twinning on 
dynamic recrystallization. The current study provides insights regarding the deformation 

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Reconstruction of the 3D representative volume element from the generalized two-point correlation function

This paper presents the first application of three-dimensional (3D) cross-correlation 
microstructure reconstruction implemented for a representative volume element (RVE) to 
facilitate the microstructure engineering of materials. This has been accomplished by 
developing a new methodology for reconstructing 3D microstructure using experimental two-
dimensional electron backscatter diffraction data. 

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A new model to predict grain nucleation during dynamic recrystallization


Deformation in metals and alloys is accompanied by high hardening rates and high dislocation 

content. Static annealing of deformed metals or forming operations at elevated temperatures can 

lead to static and dynamic recrystallization (SRX and DRX). The resultant texture and hence the 

properties of such a material are determined by the nucleation and growth of recrystallized grains 

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