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Is there any way to assign element based surface for 2D shell element??

I am trying to simulate 2D metal cutting simulation using surface to surface contact in dynamic explicit model. But what I am seeing is.. there is no contact between workpiece surface with failed element (i.e. Chips) which reduces the force value during simulation.

In 3D simulation for 3D stress element (C3D8R), I can do element based surface by editing the input file. Is there any such way in 2D shell element (say CPE4R) also? Please help

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How 2D Finite element metal cutting simulation will help to find out surface rouness??

Hi all Metal cutting experts...

I have done done 2D finite element metal cutting simulation and validated with experimental force value. as we know.. from 2D FEM simulation, we can get only force data, stress-strain, temperature and somehow chip morphology. Can anyone kindly tell me how will this 2D simulation help me to link with surface roughness of the machined surface.

I will be  very gratefull to you all....


thanks in advance...


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How to define Element based surface/Node based surface in Abaqus

Dear All

Some one told me to define node-based-surface or element-based surface during defining General Contact in large deformation simulation. I tried my best to figure out how to do it. But i cudn't. I just know  it can be done by editing the .inp file by making an element set. and making a surface from that element set.

Is there there anybody who have done it before?? It will be great help if you can explain me how to do it.

thanks in advance.

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Determination of Johnson_Cook model parameters

Hi All

 Hope all are doing well. Suppose I have a specimen and I want to find out the Johnson-Cook material model parameters (A, B, C, m, n). Can any one tell me how can I proceed?  Experimental or Numerical simulation??



Thanks in advance

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Fracture strain for steel in Abaqus

Hello Everyone,

I am modeling a machining simulation in abaqus. there I have to used JC material model and Ductile damage. I am taking mateial properties for Steel specifically AISI 4140. So in ductile damage option, i need to put fracture strain value. for time being i am putting 1.5. I will be very thankful if anyone tell me the actual value of fracture strain for steel or more specifically for AISI 4140.



Thanks in advance.





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Simple metal cutting example with chip formation in ABAQUS

Hello every one....

I am new in abaqus/cae, abaqus/explicit.  I have googled but not able to get any tutorial or example for metal cutting with chip formation. just few youtube animation videos are available on 3D orthogonal cutting, milling. But now such video or doc is available.

So, if any one having any kind of tutorial, example, or short notes.. please please share with me or mail me on my ID

it will be great help for me.  thanks in advance.... please please anyone!!!!!!!!

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ABQcaeG.exe has stooped working

Hello everyone

I have AMD FX 4100 Quade-core processor, 3.61 GHz, and 8 GB DDR3 RAM, I hav windwos 7 64bit  ultimate installed in it.

When i installed Abaqus 6.9.1 or 6.10.1, it shows ABQcaeG.exe has stooped working. I tried different operating system in my PC, it shows the same error. I am not able to figure out what may be the problem. I am expecting something may be done with registry value. But I am not sure.  

Any one please help me.. due to this I am not able to sstart my project. I will be very thankful to you..


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Differnce betwwen general Orthogonal cutting and Single point diamond cutting

Hello Everyone..

As per my knowledge for most of the numerical simulation is assumes 2D orthogonal cutting.  But, I am doubt about Single point diamond Cutting. can we consider it orthogonal cutting....??

because the tool is in crystalline structure. ??

any body please... can clearify my doubt...??

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Tutorial For ABAQUS/Explicit.. for machining

Hello Everyone,

I am very new in Abaqus. I want to learn abaqus as well do some
simulation of machining (Orthogonal/oblique). So I am looking for a

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