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Global dimming and Global warming, hazardous effect of green house gases on our planet earth

Global dimming is simply described as the reduction in the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth. This is caused by the following, increased amount of particulate matter and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and soot. Due to the increase in energy demand, fossil fuel combustion has led to the emission of green house gases which causes global dimming. These subatances coalease with water droplet on the cloud, as the pollution increases more bonds are formed and a reflective layer is formed the impedes solar radiation from reaching the surface of the earth.

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Discuss how safe are they? Discuss the hidden pollution caused by solar panels.

Recently solar energy conversion has been used to generate electricity. The generation of electricity using photo voltaic (PV) modules or panels is the most common method, because  PV modules do not emit toxic gases and greenhouse gases as compared to energy generation using fossil fuel, they are considered relatively safe [1]

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Discuss safety in biofuels

Increasing emerging
economies has resulted in an increase in energy demand, and thus a look into
the Biofuel. Factors such as oil prices, global warming, and explorative access
issues has spurred the development of biofuels.

Biofuels are carbon
neutralizers but issues and challenges such as Fuel vs. Food debate,
life-cycle-environmental impact of biofuels [1] raises question marks over its
development and sustainability to substitute fossil fuels.

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Discuss Safety in wind energy

In the nearest
future, wind power is likely to be a major contributor towards renewable energy
targets (Scottish Planning Policy). However turbine fire, blade snapping due to
lightening, ice pile-up on blades, noise issues, ecology impact, aviation,
shadows flickering are major showstoppers and setbacks to this renewable energy
option. Making wind safety entails a lot and they include the following

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Is nuclear power safe for humans and the environment?

Go Nuclear! Go Nuclear!! Go Nuclear!!!

My answer is an emphatic ‘yes.'

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