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Contact modelling in Abaqus - Need urgent help

Dear all
I urgently need the answer to my question. I am modelling a clapping or contact between two surfaces similar to a crack.
I have used abaqus : 1-tangential : frictionless  2-Hard contact
I wanna know what moelling approach does abaqus use for above situation ?
Does abaqsu use hertzian contac ? bilinear stiffness or what ?
Thank you

Why am I getting a messy signal FFT instead of a smooth one?

I am doing wave simulation on plates with various damages. Guided sinusoidal waves are generated and scattered throughout the plate. To compare the results I am getting FFt of displacement (frequency domain). The one without damage gives me a very smooth FFT while the ones with damage give me a messy FFT ( Please see the attached photo). Is it something to do with filtering or is any thing wrong with my results ?
Damages model

Simulation of delamination using seam in Abaqus


I am trying to simulate a delamination in a multilayer plate using seam in abaqus. Has any body utilized this function for the same purpose?

Thanking you


Lamb wave simulation - Problem with high Frequencies


I have prepared a very simple model in abaqus which is an Aluminum beam under A0 lamb wave. It wors perfectly with low frequencies andthe amplitude plot shows a clear one in various control points.

But when I increase the frequency to 200khz that nice and neat plot is not obtained. I have attached two plots 1-excitation wave 2- amplitude on control point

could you please advise as to why this happens on high frequencies and what is the solution to this ?

Dispersion curve for Lamb waves using Abaqus

Dear all

I am trying to plot the dispersion curbve for wave propagation in an ALuminum beam under S0 and A0 lambwave.  My simulation has completed and I thin the results are reasonable as long as visualization is concerned.

I am trying to plot dispersion curve for these two waves using Abaqus outputs. As far as I know I need to use Abaqus outputs such as displacement or velocity for calculation of wave speed.

1- How would I calculate wave speed by Abaqus outputs and is this calculated wave speed the phase velocity or group velocity ?

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