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Dispersion curve for Lamb waves using Abaqus

Dear all

I am trying to plot the dispersion curbve for wave propagation in an ALuminum beam under S0 and A0 lambwave.  My simulation has completed and I thin the results are reasonable as long as visualization is concerned.

I am trying to plot dispersion curve for these two waves using Abaqus outputs. As far as I know I need to use Abaqus outputs such as displacement or velocity for calculation of wave speed.

1- How would I calculate wave speed by Abaqus outputs and is this calculated wave speed the phase velocity or group velocity ?

2- How would I plot dispersion curve and what are the exact steps I need to take in order to calculate this curve using Abaqus outputs ?

Thanks and looking forward to reading your suggession.



Bhisham Sharma's picture

If you go here:

and download the paper and read it, it should solve most of your problems. 

The essential part is:
Apply the proper BC on a representative part of your beam,use the natural frequency step to extract all the natural frequencies within you freq of interest, and then take the inverse of the modal wavelength to use as the wavenumber. 

You can take the slope of the plot you will get by the above step and get the group speed. Similarly, you can obtain the phase speed as w/k. You have the w and you have the k. 


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