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Overestimated peak strength for cube compression. Abaqus/Explicit


I have done compression test for concrete cube using Concrete damaged plasticity model. I assigned BC in Reference point which I coupled with a surf of the cube.

I have got stress-strain curve that looks nice, but Peak strength is 2-3 times higher than it should be.

Ia have uploaded pic of force-displacement.

Can anybody help me?


Concrete compression test - Error

Hello everyone, 

I have modeled compression test on concrete cube in Abaqus/Explicit. For concrete I have used Concrete damaged plasticity model. I have assigned displacement as BC (Smooth amplitude) in Reference Point at the top of the cube, and I have coupled RP with the top of the cube. For concrete cube I have used C3D8R elements. 

For history output I have requested Reaction force in RP and energies for whole model. 

But job won't finish. I get an error: 

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