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Final presentation

Attached is my final presentation.

Abaqus project

Project Description:

Recommendation of Textbooks

Partial Differential Equations in Mechanics: The Biharmonic Equation, Poisson's Equation

A. P. S. Selvadurai

Springer, 2000

ISBN 3540672842, 9783540672845

698 p

There is a free copy of part of this book online. One can serch it.

In this book there are lots of wonderful examples in solid mechanics that can be solved by using "dark-age" method. One can learn both basic concepts and mathematical skills from this book. And one can also use it as a reference book.

Abstract of this book

Self Introduction -- Zhiyan Wei

Prior Courses in Solid Mechanics:

Elasticity, Strength of Material, Plasticity, Theoretical Mechanics, Advanced Solid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics

Undergraduate Major:

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Strength Related to This Course:

I have already known some basic theories in elasticity and plasticity, so I guess it might be a little easier for me to understand the theoretical part taught in this course.

Weakness Related to This Course:

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