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Soil Mechanics and Fossil Dinosaur Trackways

My PhD student Peter Falkingham (who graduated 15 December 2010) has published some interesting papers on Dinosaur Trackways. These might be of interest to those teaching Soil Mechanics, to give some examples that might be more stimulating than foundation design or traditional geotechnical engineering.

References below:

Falkingham P.L., Bates K.T., Margetts L. and Manning P.L. (2011) "The 'Goldilocks' effect: Presevational bias in vertebrate track assemblages", Journal of the Royal Society Interface, accepted for publication. Impact factor 4.241.

Falkingham, P.L., Bates, K.T., Margetts, L., Manning, P.L. (2010) "Simulating Sauropod Manus Only Trackway Formation Using Finite Element Analysis", Biology Letters (Royal Society). Impact Factor: 3.521

Falkingham P.L., Margetts L. and Manning P.L. (2010) "Fossil Vertebrate Tracks as Palaeopenetrometers; Confounding Effects of Foot Morphology", Palaois, V25, pp356-360. Impact factor: 1.6

Falkingham, P.L., Margetts, L., Smith, I. M., Manning, P. L. (2009) "A Reinterpretation of Palmate and Semi-Palmate (Webbed) Fossil Tracks; Insights from Finite Element Modelling." Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 271(1-2). pp69-76. Impact factor: 2.4


Thanks Lee.  Just a quick note to say that anyone who wishes to read these papers (or any of my others), can download them from my mendeley profile:

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