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Crack propagation in composites in presence of shear and pressure loads


Assume that we have a composite structure consists of isotropic layers with
a delamination (separation) between the layers. There is a compressive load
applying normal to layers surfaces and hence normal to the
delamination (crack) which closes the delamination, and a shear load tangential to the
crack surface.

the order of shear force is much smaller than the compressive load. can the
delamination propagate du to this shear force?

I mean the pressure is closing the crack in a way that mode 1 can't happen. but
can the shear load induce mode 2 or 3 in presence of such a big pressure?


Thank you all



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The crack faces are touching each other due to compression. When a shear is applied, the movement of crack faces (causing crack propagation) depends on frictional force. If frictional force is more than shear force, I think crack propagation will not take place.

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- RD

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