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Available PhD position in material science at LSPM - Paris, france

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no longer available.


Multi-Components Refractory Metallic Alloys with a High Mixing Entropy: Formulation, Microstructural Evolution and Behavior under large Deformation

This PhD project is part of a research both fundamental and applied for complex multicomponent alloys so-called "high-entropy alloys" – alloys whose name underlines their inherently high mixing entropy. While it has often been –rightfully – thought that preparing metallic alloys containing elements with a quasi equiatomic composition would lead to the formation of brittle intermetallic phases (and thus detrimental to the mechanical behavior of materials), it seems now well established that unique solid solutions are formed when four or more elements are used in equal atomic proportions. The mixture of several different major components allows hope for highly unusual microstructures and therefore physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

During this thesis, formulation and development of refractory high-entropy alloys, with advanced properties, including a very good mechanical behavior and sufficient ductility at room temperature to be shaped, will be implemented and optimized. The mechanical behavior and microstructural evolutions under large deformation solicitations (rolling, extrusion, high pressure torsion and impacts) will be studied. The microstructures thus induced and their subsequent influence on the deformation and damage mechanisms will be analyzed using a set of skills and of characterization techniques which have been for decades recognized as areas of expertise of the LSPM and of their partners involved in this project: chemical metallurgy with the formulation and development of alloys by conventional or non-conventional routes such as the SHS process, microstructural characterizations of the resulting microstructures (TEM, SEM, EBSD, XRD) and the understanding of the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties.

Please send resume and motivation letters; the position will be openend in september, 2015

Detail in the file(s) enclosed.

Profile: Physical Metallurgy, Materials Processing and design, Mechanics of Materials

Funding source: French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (open to foreign students)

LSPM : Prof. G. Dirras (dirras(at) - Tel : +33 (1) 49 40 34 88)
ICMPE: Dr. J.-Couzinié (couzinie(at) - Tel : +33 (1) 56 70 30 20)



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Dear Sir,


I have sent you e-mail with cover letter and all educational and experince certificate.


Qamar Hayat

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