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Abaqus standard - surface-to-surface contact problems

Hello everybody
I am trying to run a model with a surface-to-surface interaction (Abaqus - standard 6.12). The interaction is between soil and aluminium piles. I faced an error and I have not been able to solve it yet. I would appreciate it if anybody could help me solve it please. The error is: 

Surface assembly_soil-pile6 has facets that are not oriented properly with respect to each other. Check the element connectivities for underlying elements 115121 instance soilbody-new-1 and 122806 instance soilbody-new-1 (sharing the common edge whose end points are nodes 6448 instance soilbody-new-1 and 495 instance soilbody-new-1), as well as the *surface data cards to ensure that the surface normals are consistent. This message will not be repeated for other facets on this surface with similar problem.

Surface assembly_soil-pile6 has facets that are not oriented properly with respect to neighboring facets. Use available post processor to visualize surface normals.




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Hi please have a look on Contact & convergence criteria in ABAQUS Documentation


Open the results of the model in odb, then go to Common Options->Labels->Show face labels, and see the faces of the elements participating in the formation of the surface. Then check the model if the surface is defined with these face ids. Most probably, there will be at least one element, such as that you mention in the question, at which the surface continuity is interrupted due to erroneous surface facet definition. In this case, you can proceed in two ways: (1) modify the node connectivity of the element so that for the specified face id, this becomes part of the surface, or (2) change the face identifier of the element.

Regards and hope this helps,

George Papazafeiropoulos

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