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A preliminary document on my fresh new approach to QM

Hello, World

Here is a document that jots down, in a brief, point-wise manner, the elements of my new approach to understanding quantum mechanics.

Please note that the writing is very much at a preliminary stage. It is very much a work in progress. However, it does jot down many essential ideas.

I am uploading the document at iMechanica just to have an externally verifiable time-stamp to it. Further versions will also be posted at this thread.

Comments are welcome. However, I may not be able to respond all of them immediately, because (i) I wish to immediately switch over to my studies of Data Science (ii) discussions on QM, especially on its foundations, tend to get meandering very fast.





For the sake of ... no other word but ``idiots'', esp. the American borns / intellectual goons:

Often the issue also applies to many (but not all (but excepting for only a very small insignificant minority of)) the past Indian immigrants to the USA.




Please see at my personal blog, here [^].




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