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Potential job opening (full time) at Intel

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There is a potential full-time job opening at senior (Ph.D required) or junior (Master required) engineer level at Intel Oregon Materials Labs. As a Materials Analysis Engineer, the candidate will be part of Technology Development Labs responsible for identifying and developing materials, thermal mechanical characterization and failure analysis techniques in support of Intel's next generation silicon process development. 

The candidate must work in concert with Process Development and Quality, Reliability Engineers to enable robust failure rate models and risk assessments of the silicon processes under development to improve process performance, product yield, quality and/or reliability. The scope may include wafer and unit level in Back-End/Far Back-End interconnect process, Si/package interaction areas. 

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to: 

• Implementing materials characterization techniques to determine fundamental thin film material structure/properties, thermo-mechanical properties and to collaborate with process development engineers to apply the learning to improve process performance and reliability. 

• Analyzing failure reports and recommending corrective action to prevent reoccurrence of problems. 

• Supporting new process/product transfer and startup and the automation and improvement of the failure analysis process. 

• Ensuring that materials/failure analysis capabilities needed to support advanced process technology and/or product development are in place. May necessitate the development of improved/new tools and methods.


Interested candidates can contact me by email at :




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Thank you to those who have applied. Due to the volume of applicants, I was not able to reply to all. Appreciate your interest in this position. 



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