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frontal solver in Fortran

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Is there an open source frontal solver in Fortran?

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You can check the following interesting link

Why do you use fortran has a programming language ?

Do you use sparse or dense matrix ?

Why using a frontal solver, do you need the inverse of the matrix many times or is it a single inversion??  



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Dear Tlaverne,

Thanks for your interests. 

I have open fortran 77 code for frontal solver which part of the finite element program.

I translate whole program into Fortran 95 but I faced record problem in the frontal solver. It runs but does not give proper results. So I need Open code in Fortran 95.

I hope to solve record problem.

Dr. Mesut UYANER

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B. Ramesh Gupta, Research student, Aerospace engineering Dept, IISc, INDIA

Dear Mesut UYANER,

I am developing Mixed finite element formulation for the analysis of Inflatable structures. Each element stiffness matrix is 52x52, if use usual assembly and then solving for knowns will lead to numerical errors as the global dof's are in the range of thounsands.

So i request you to send me the frontal solver code, let it be in FORTRAN 77, I will convert it to either C or MATLAB.  In case if its available through the download, please send the URL.

Thanks in advance,


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Dear Rames,

If you send me your e-mail adress I will post a file consists a Fortran 95 project that solves Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics problems. I converted the Fortran 77 codes which in published DRJ Owens books. The project runs without any error or problem.I think there are saving or reading problem for element #1 because I could not achieve same results given in the Owens book. I can not solve it yet. So I've been looking for proper codes.

I hope it will be helpfull to you.

Dr. Mesut UYANER

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Dr. Mesut UYANER

Dear Mesut UYANER

Actually you can find very clear illustration of the frontal solver in the following book:

E. Hinton & D.R.J. Owen, Finite Element Programming

The authors also provide the fortran 77 code in the book. Hope this will be helpful to you if you can't find Fortran 95 version code.


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R. Chennamsetti, Scientist, R&D Engineers, India

Hi all, 

I request you to kndly explain how to calculate RMS wavefront in forntal solver.

With regards,

- Ram

What's the benefit of using frontal solver?  How is it better than the standard Gauss elimination procedure?

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