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PhD Studentship: Numerical modelling of fault formation, Imperial College, London, UK

PhD Studentship: Numerical modelling of fault formation



***UK/EU Student Funding*** - ***Any International Student will require additional tuition payment***

 Background: Connectivity of faults in carbonates is believed to have a significant effect on the flow behaviour of oil and gas reservoirs. Capturing the development of these faults brings challenges to current geo-mechanics simulators, most notably in modelling the impact of poroelastic and thermoelastic deformation on the stress fields that create fractures and organise them into preferential structures.

 Technical Scope: The objective of this project is to undertake and disseminate research in the numerical modelling of poroelastic and thermoelastic compaction and its effects on 3D fracture propagation. Specifically, the student will develop methods for discrete fracture propagation in 3D, and resolve geometric challenges related to compaction of fractured models and their transition into faults. The project involves extensive development of fluid flow and mechanics methods using the finite element and finite volume methods.

Requirements: Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in engineering, physics, geophysics, applied mathematics, or computer science. Applicants should also possess the following knowledge and skills:
• Mechanics: knowledge of continuum mechanics.

• Numerical methods: knowledge of finite element methods.

• Scientific programming: ability to program in a scientific programming language such as C/C++.

• Communication: excellent writing and presentation skills.

 Other details: This is a 3-year PhD studentship, paying a non-taxable bursary of £16,000 per year, plus UK/EU fees, funded by TOTAL oil company. The student will work under the supervision of Prof. Robert Zimmerman and Dr. Adriana Paluszny, with frequent interaction other members of the research staff at Imperial College and at TOTAL.

Application Procedure: To apply, send a copy of your CV, including academic transcripts, to Prof. Robert Zimmerman, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, The closing date for applications is 15th November 2012.

Consistently rated amongst the world's best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

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