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I am teaching this course this semester.  I'll post notes as I write them.  Links to the notes are listed in this post.  I will also notify updates on twitter:

  • Instructor: Professor Zhigang Suo
  • Lectures: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday, Maxwell-Dworkin 319
  • Office Hour: 1 pm -2 pm, Monday, Pierce Hall 309

Here is a lecture-by-lecture outline of the course taught in the Fall of 2012.  I will convert the outline into notes, and post them.  But the notes will be rough.

Tentative topics

Useful background

No textbook is required

Go online and go to the library.  Find some textbooks that suit you.  Here are some examples


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Dear Prof. Suo,

I have been following you for last one decade. You are a role model for many young mechanicians like me. 

If you record all your lectures and upload in YouTube for free, that will help many students around the world.  



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Dear Dibakar:  Thank you so much for your kind words, and for the suggestion.  Our classes are rather small, typically around 10-20 people in the room.  The small classes allow conversations.  Students can ask me questions, and I also ask students questions.  My questions are usually directed to individual students.  The purpose is to engage the class, alert students possible difficulties, and make them picture a possible path of making the discovery.  This method of teaching may be not suitable for videos.  

Also, small classes allow me to experiment with new materials, such as a ten-minute description of deformation and fracture in lithium-ion batteries in a course on plasticity.  It also let me learn some old materials and try them out in class.  

But your suggestion about videos is really appealing.  I’ll find an effective way to do it at some point.

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Hello Sir,

I wanted to say recording your lectures in class including discussion with students. 

Like this 'Lecture Series on Classical Mechanics' got more than 1 million views.

Classical Physics by Prof. V. Balakrishnan



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I would also suggest

Introduction to Computational Plasticity, by Fionn Dunne and Nik Petrinic

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Hallo Barbieri,

thx a lot for your suggeston :)


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Hallo Prof. Zhigang Suo,

These days i am trying to understand the fundamental concept of classical theory of plasticity, which is very useful to understand the small deformation. I was wondering, if you have lecture notes on this topic, which you can upload here. It will be a great help for me, if you can give me some suggestion regarding it.


Thanking you

Braj B. Prasad

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