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Dynamic response and localisation in strongly damaged waveguides

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In this paper, we investigate the formation of band-gaps and localisation phenomena in an elastic strip nearly disintegrated by an array of transverse cracks. We analyse the eigenfrequencies of finite, strongly damaged, elongated solids with reference to the propagation bands of an infinite strip with a periodic damage. Subsequently, we determine analytically the band-gaps of the infinite strip by using a lower-dimensional model, represented by a periodically-damaged beam in which the small ligaments between cracks are modelled as ‘elastic junctions’. The effective rotational and translational stiffnesses of the elastic junctions are obtained from an ad hoc asymptotic analysis. We show that, for a finite frequency range, the dispersion curves for the reduced beam model agree with the dispersion data determined numerically for the two-dimensional elastic strip. Exponential localisation, boundary layers and standing waves in strongly damaged systems are discussed in detail.


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