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Dynamic response and localisation in strongly damaged waveguides

In this paper, we investigate the formation of band-gaps and localisation phenomena in an elastic strip nearly disintegrated by an array of transverse cracks. We analyse the eigenfrequencies of finite, strongly damaged, elongated solids with reference to the propagation bands of an infinite strip with a periodic damage. Subsequently, we determine analytically the band-gaps of the infinite strip by using a lower-dimensional model, represented by a periodically-damaged beam in which the small ligaments between cracks are modelled as ‘elastic junctions’.

Giorgio Carta's picture

Dispersion properties of vortex-type monatomic lattices

The paper presents a systematic study of dispersive waves in an elastic chiral lattice. Chirality is introduced through gyroscopes embedded into the junctions of a doubly periodic lattice. Bloch-Floquet waves are assumed to satisfy the quasi-periodicity conditions on the elementary cell.

how to calculate dispersion relation with ABAQUS ?

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  I wanna get the dispersion relation of acoustic crystals in ABAQUS, so far as I know, the frequencies can be obtained by applying different wave vectors in the IBZ, but I dont know how to opperate in ABAQUS, in what way can we simulate the wave vectors (or the cooresponding wave length) . By applying force or displacement, or acceleration ?

 Attacthed, should I model the whole structure or just the 1st BZ? If the 1st BZ is employed, should the periodic semmetric B.C. be considered in my model?

Any suggestion is appreciated! 

Building and Environment: Virtual Special Issue on CFD simulation of micro-scale pollutant dispersion in the built environment

The full articles selected for this Virtual Special Issue are freely available until 28 May 2013, from the Journal Homepage

Research highlights:
• Outdoor air quality is one of the major environmental problems today
• Micro-scale pollutant dispersion covers the building scale and the meteorological micro-scale
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is increasingly used for micro-scale dispersion studies

FE modeling of dispersion in cylinders

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As you may know wave propagation in circular cylinders is dispersive. As shown by Pochhammer, there
could be several different modes propagating in an infinite cylinder with
different wave speeds. I'm modeling wave propagation in a finite 3D circular cylinder in

LS-DYNA with solid elements and I'm applying a sinusoidal pressure along

Phonon Dispersion Relations from MD simulation

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How does one calculate the phonon dispersion relations from the output of a molecular dynamics simuation? 

I have successfully calculated the complete phonon density of states using a fourier transform of the velocity autocorrelation function, but I am still confused as to how to calculate the particular phonon dispersion curves.

Thank you.

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