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How to call UEXTERNALDB subroutine

Hi, I'm new user of ABAQUS. I'm trying to develop a model that involve one further output variable (the degree of cure of a polymer). I thought to use the subroutine UEXTERNALDB to write and read from an external file the array containing the values of this output variable in each element. But I couldn’t find out how to call this subroutine in the .inp file. Does anyone have any suggestion for my problem?

Thank you


Dear Fausto,

I have some experience with this subroutine but I am not able to understand what exactly you want to do.

Please define the problem.

You may contact may at

Thank you

Dear Kishan,

thank you for answering. I'm working on a thermo-chemical model that involve the polymerization of a resin. This phenomenon is exothermic and the heat generation depends from both temperature and degree of cure. Whereby I need to use the values of the degree of cure in each element. I thought to use an external file .txt from which the program can read in each iteration the value of the degree of cure and in which it can update those values at the end of the iteration. I thought to use UEXTERNALDB for this task. My model uses also other subroutine (HETVAL, USDFLD, UMAT, UEXPAN).

My problem is that I cannot find out how to call UEXTERNALDB subroutine (for example if I need to call the USDFLD sub I write in the .inp file the comand "*User Defined Field"). I hope that my question is clearer.

Thank you again.

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For an intro to subroutines get the file User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

Good luck


Thank you Frank,

I'm following your suggestions!

Dear Fausto,

There is no need to write anything specific in the input file to call UEXTERNALDB suboutine. Just follow the following steps.

1. Write a EXTERNALDB .

2. Write a module of fortran code where you have defined the variable cure as cure(t_element,t_integration) where t_element is the total number of elements and t_integration is the total number of integration points. It would be 1 for reduced integration. 

3. Read the text file from UEXETERNALDB and store the data in the defined variable which you can use in any other subroutine.

I hope it helps.

If you need the sample files send me a mail. I am not able to attach files here.

Good Luck

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