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Postdoctoral position on high-entropy alloys in Nanyang Technological University

Research Fellow (Post-Doctoral) Position

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Area: Computational investigation of fracture mechanisms in high-entropy alloys

The overall objective of the project is to investigate the underlying mechanisms of fracture in high-entropy alloys such as CoCrFeMnNi. Particular topics include (a) the mechanisms of microvoid nucleation and coalescence, leading to crack initiation, (b) the role of competing mechanisms on crack nucleation and growth, (c) the growth of a crack in the presence of plastic deformation, under Mode I, II and III loadings, and (d) the prediction of crack nucleation stress, initiation fracture toughness, and their dependence on microstructures and loadings. It is expected that computational techniques such as molecular dynamics will be used to explore these topics.


Duration and starting date:

Two years. Starting date in early March, 2020.


Qualification and expertise:

The applicant should already have a Ph.D. degree in engineering, and be familiar with molecular dynamics simulations. Experimental expertise is also desirable.

Please forward curriculum vitae (CV) to:

Dr. M. Wu


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