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Looking for UG research...

Hi everyone out there on this portal. Iam Vinay S Warrier from India. I am pursuing my Third Year in BE Mechanical Engineering from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. I am preparing for my GRE examinations  coming in April. I would like to  do  a summer project or internship in the areas of applied mechanics or robotics at a basic reseach level. I want to pursue my MS  from US and  I would like to gain some solid research experience before completion of my undergraduate tenure. Please help me out in this regard. I have previously done a basic mini project on amphibionics (a robotic frog made of aluminium links and powered by a RC Miniature Servo). I would like to know the admission constraints for grad schooling at MIT. Looking for advice with an open mind and a brain to toil and hands to soil....


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